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Spisak for Struthers School

Saving WKTL-FM
Struthers Schools: A financial turn-around
Fixing the 2005 spending problems
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Dennis Spisak

Let's continue to keep Struthers City Schools a great place to be!

I will be running for re-election to the Struthers City School Board this November, 2013. I would like to thank the voters of Struthers for electing me to the Board of Education back in 2005. Since that time I have worked to make our district financially sound and improve academics for all of our students. Since being elected to the Board, We have emerged from State Fiscal Emergency. I served on the Football Stadium Committee which built a new football stadium for the students and citizens of Struthers WITH NO ADDITIONAL TAX DOLLARS. I have served as board president for 1 year,2 years as Board Vice- President, 8 years as Legislative Liaison to the state legislature, and continue to work hard at improving academics in our school system. Over the past 8 years our school system has received an excellent rating from the state Department of Education and has been named a School of Promise. I believe my experience, education, and common sense approach to running our school district has earned me another 4 year term as your school board member.


Why we need to re-elect Dennis Spisak to the Struthers Board of Education:

With 25 years experience in education and 18 years experience as an administrator, Dennis Spisak has the experience and knowledge to tackle the significant issues facing the Struthers City Schools today:

School Funding-The uncertain state funding model, unfunded mandates, voucher programs/charter schools, and balancing school revenues and expenses.

Instructional Changes-New high stake testing, special education, school safety, the new Common Core academic/instructional standards, and third-grade guarantee.

Dennis Spisak was instrumental in researching, negotiating, and supporting the lease agreement that saved WKTL-FM and the Saturday ethnic heritage music programs at our historic radio station. He has helped guide the district’s economic recovery out of fiscal emergency and improved our academic report card.

Dennis Spisak works to improve our school district for our students and taxpayers.

Dennis is married to his wife Molly, who teaches special needs children at Manor Ave. School for the Mahoning County Educational Service Center. Their oldest child is a 2007 graduate of Struthers High School and they have two children with special needs in the Struthers City Schools.

An advocate for every child in our district-Go Cats!

Proven Leadership For Our Schools!


Spisak for Struthers School Board Committee, Molly Spisak, Treasurer